Below are links to instructions about how students can use Engage.

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Activity Stream

The Activity stream block appears on the Engage home page and provides a consolidated view of recent developments in course activities and community groups.

Ask System

The Ask System activity displays videos that address predefined questions that are relevant to the course.


The Assignment activity requires students to either type text in a form or upload a file that will be graded by the instructor.


The BigBlueButton activity connects instructors and students to an online meeting room in which users can communicate in real time with audio headsets, webcams, and chat.


The Calendar block displays on the main course page and can show important events and due dates.


The Choice activity type allows an instructor to ask a single question and offer a selection of possible responses to students.


Engage provides several ways for students and instructors to keep in touch.

Engage Mail is an internal messaging platform that can be used to send messages directly to other users in Engage.

Announcements exist as a forum in each course. All students in the course are subscribed to the forum. When an announcement is posted, students receive an email notification.

Course Wall is a feature used by some courses to create a more informal communication area that all course participants can use. By default, the five most recent wall posts are shown in the course.

Community Groups / Portfolio

Community groups exist outside of individual courses and allow a program to facilitate communication among students and faculty across multiple courses in the program.

A portfolio allows students to centralize their work from multiple courses, show it to others, and track progress towards academic and professional goals.

Course Resources

Resources are listed as links on the main course page and provide information to students.


The Forum activity allows students to communicate with other course participants.


Students can view their course grades through a few different methods.


This section contains instructions on basic navigation and some of the most common tasks in Engage courses.

Peer Exchange

The Peer Exchange activity is an ungraded activity type that allows students to upload a video and critique videos created by other students.


Each Engage user can define profile settings that configure personal information, communication preferences, and other options.


The Quiz activity asks students to answer questions in an exam setting, usually to receive a grade. Multiple question types are supported.

Text Editor

Engage users can write content with a text editor that loads in the web browser.


Engage supports several ways for students to share video content.


The Workshop activity is similar to the Assignment, but it includes numerous additional features allowing peer review of student submissions.