Choosing a Text Editor

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Engage allows users to type content into a text editor that loads in the browser. For example, a text editor loads whenever a user needs to write a forum post or compose a Mail message.

Two text editors are available: TinyMCE and Atto. Each text editor offers a unique feature set.

TinyMCE text editor
Atto text editor

Atto is set as the default text editor for all Engage users. Some users prefer TinyMCE. Each user can select their desired text editor in their profile page.

This document illustrates how to specify which text editor you use in Engage.

  1. Click Preferences in the user dropdown.

    Preferences link located in the user dropdown
  2. Click Editor Preferences.

    Editor Preferences link highlighted on the Preferences page
  3. Select TinyMCE or Atto from the Text Editor drop-down.

    Note: Selecting Plain Text Area is not recommended.

    Text Editor drop-down expanded to reveal its possible selections
  4. Click Save Changes.

    Save Changes button