Editing Your Profile

Students/Faculty > Profile > Editing Your Profile

Engage allows students and instructors to set up a detailed user profile that includes their contact information, personal interests, and a profile picture.

This document illustrates how to edit your Engage profile.

  1. Log into Engage and click the user dropdown menu. Select Profile.

    Profile selection of the user dropdown is highlighted
  2. Click Edit Profile.

    Edit profile link highlighted in the user profile page
  3. In the General section, enter information like your name, email address, and location.

    The Email Display dropdown allows you to control who sees your email address. Choose to hide it from everyone, make it visible to everyone, or only allow users enrolled in your course to view your email address.

    General section of the Edit Profile page
  4. Description allows you to enter some text about yourself, which will then be displayed on your profile page for others to view.

    Description text area in the Edit Profile page
  5. Upload a user picture to be displayed on your profile next to your name.

    Note that you can delete the picture using the Delete checkbox.

    User Picture section of the Edit Profile page
  6. You can optionally add Additional Names to your profile.

    Additional Names section of the Edit Profile page
  7. If you wish to include your interests in your profile, enter them in the Interests area by typing them followed by a comma.

    Under the Optional area, enter additional communication information such as a Skype ID.

    Interests and Optional sections of the Edit Profile page
  8. Click Update Profile to save changes.

    Update Profile button