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Most communication in Engage occurs inside courses. For example, students correspond with their instructor and each other using forums. However, students and instructors sometimes wish to communicate with others who are a part of their educational program. Furthermore, program administrators often need to distribute information to all of their students and faculty. Community groups address these needs.

This document illustrates how to access an Engage community group.


A community group is similar in appearance to an Engage course, but a community group usually contains more users. While an Engage course typically serves an instructor and several students, a community group could be enrolled with students, faculty, and school administrators representing multiple courses across an educational program.

Each program can have a community group defined in Engage. Then, program administrators can manage content and create spaces for students and faculty to interact. Because community groups include the same features that are available in Engage courses, users can easily participate by utilizing familiar tools. For example, announcements, forums, file uploads, and embedded video are all available to community groups.

The creation of a new community group requires coordination across multiple parties, including students, faculty, program administrators, and Wiley personnel. The expectations surrounding the involvement of all users enrolled in the community group must be set. The users who will be tasked with contributing content to the community group must be identified. If you are a program administrator interested in creating an Engage community group for your program, please contact your Wiley representative.

Accessing a Community Group

  1. Click the Community Groups tab of the Activity Stream block on your Engage home page.

    Recent activity from your community group is listed here.

    community groups tab displays list of forum posts
  2. Your community group may include multiple discussion forums. Use the dropdown menu to view activity in a particular forum, or select "all community groups" to view posts from all forums.

    dropdown menu at the top of the community groups tab displays list of forums to choose from
  3. To visit your community group page, click one of the recent forum posts listed in your Activity Stream. Then, click the View Link to navigate to the discussion.

    From there you can click the name of the community group using the link in the breadcrumb trail.

    scroll through a long post using scrollbar to the right of the post