Timezones and the Calendar

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The date and time of a calendar event is automatically adjusted to reflect the timezone of the user who is looking at the calendar event. In other words, when an instructor sets a date and time for a calendar event, that date and time will display in the timezone used by each student.

This document illustrates how Engage handles differences between timezones when displaying calendar events.

Note: The calendar displays times using a 24 hour clock commonly referred to as "military time." For example, 10:00 PM is displayed as 22:00.

  1. Assume an instructor created an event on the course calendar for May 21st at 10:00 PM. If the instructor's timezone in their user profile is set to America/Chicago, then the time for that event is May 21st at 10:00 PM in Central time.

    General section of the create calendar event page where the instructor has set a date of May 21 at 22:00
  2. Any students who have the America/Chicago timezone set in their user profile will also see this event reported on May 21 at 10:00 PM.

    View calendar event page as seen by a student who uses America/Chicago timezone. Time displayed is 10:00 PM.
  3. However, students who have a timezone that is different from the instructor's will see the calendar event displayed in their local timezone.

    For example, this student's timezone is set to America/New_York, which is Eastern time. Therefore, the event displays on May 21 at 11:00 PM.

    View calendar event page as seen by a student who uses America/New_York timezone.  Time displayed is 11:00 PM.
  4. Similarly, a student who uses America/Los_Angeles as their timezone will see the event listed at 8:00 PM on May 21.

    View calendar event page as seen by a student who uses America/Los_Angeles timezone.  Time displayed is 8:00 PM.
  5. To change your user timezone, click Profile from the dropdown menu that appears when you click your profile icon in the global menu.

    Profile selection highlighted in the user dropdown menu
  6. Next, click Edit Profile.

    Edit Profile link highlighted on the user profile page
  7. In the General section of your user profile, you will find the timezone dropdown. Choose your timezone from this menu.

    Timezone dropdown menu highlighted in the General section of the Edit Profile page
  8. Note: Instructors who use the Edit Due Dates form should be aware that it establishes a due date of 11:55 PM of the selected date in the school's timezone. For more information, instructors can refer to Edit Due Dates.

    Edit Due Dates link highlighted in the gear menu found on the course page